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fifteendozentimes ([personal profile] fifteendozentimes) wrote2012-03-20 12:19 am

Week In The Life: Day One

[ profile] hermette proposed a Week In The Life meme, & I wasn't going to do it because my life is very samey & boring but apparently my desire to be interesting is outweighed by my desire to talk about myself?

It is very very unseasonably warm today (this whole week, actually) & since I slept like shit & woke up early I had time for Vitamin D acquisition before getting ready for work. I am grouchy because I always forget how crappy those sunglasses are over the winter (they are Young Veins sunglasses, though!)

I am disappointed that after like 20 tries I couldn't get a picture that really captures how amazing this polish is. It practically GLOWS in sunlight. (It's China Glaze Riveting)

Most important part of my day! That is not an exaggeration, I have made myself late for work refusing to skip the Starbucks stop. I am taking a break from my beloved cinnamon dolce frappuccino & rediscovering caramel macchiatos.

I get stuck at this light every day :( Coffee is still worth it!

Taking my break outside was the worst decision ever. I was already cranky because I went directly from sunbathing to work, and then it was still beautiful at break time. I had the will power to go back in to finish my shift, but only barely.

It is not a normal day for me if I don't bring something ridiculous home from work. At least I didn't spend money on anything today? And these trays (that just get thrown away otherwise) are good for nail stuff/hair stuff/stuff, so I am being ORGANIZED \o/

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