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Dear Yuletide Author

I think I pretty much spewed all my feelings at you in my signup, but in case you need/want more:

In general: I like fluff and domesticity and kidfic! Getting a house together, moving in together, shopping for curtains, adopting a baby, having a baby, babysitting adventures, whatever. I like character pieces, in-depth looks at what makes someone tick, why they do what they do, what's going on in their heads. I like people who are intrinsically linked together, rivalries that are so long-running they're basically friendships, those sorts of bonds where sometimes it's hard to tell whether they're friends, lovers, or enemies. But above all, I like fic about my favorites, so don't worry about me being picky!

Make It Or Break It: Payson and Kelly are basically my #1 favorite rival ship, and I'm so sad the show didn't go where I wanted it to with intense rivalry -> intense friendship. That's really what I want - whatever kind of relationship they have (rival gymnasts turned rival Olympians turned rival coaches? rival gymnasts turned bff Olympians turned girlfriends?) I am so into reading about the transitions they make, the transitions they don't, and the way that intensity they had in season 1 shifts and fades and intensifies and changes etc.

Make It Or Break It RPF: I have a huge weakness for pretty girls having pretty frivolous adventures and then falling in love, and these two are so great for that! They appear to be pretty close, if Twitter is anything to go by (is it overkill to mention again they were each other's dates to a recent OUT magazine event?), and idk, I just want all the pretty young actresses being bros and supporting each other and making out and stuff.

Mad Men: Ugh I have the hardest time explaining why Peggy/Pete appeals to me. It's just one of those relationships that even when it's toxic and unhealthy and terrible I'm rooting for them. I will take anything anything anything about them, seriously.

Looper: I spent most of the evening after I watched the movie wondering about Seth. We didn't see much of him in the present, and I'm so so curious how he grew into future!Seth, into the guy who effectively ended the Looper program permanently. Did he do that on purpose? Was it just cowardice? I just want so much more about him!

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