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Dear Yuletide Author

Things I like in general: babies, weddings, families (found or made or other), feeeelings, cuddling, caretaking, low-stakes h/c (ie, drunk character/sick character/etc. rather than big traumas). I generally prefer happiness to sadness, talking to misunderstanding, slice of life to Big Events. I'm also super easygoing and all of these generalities are pretty loose and flexible.

I'm a big detailed prompts person, so I tend to err on the side of lots of detail in my letter. I am also a big optional-details-are-optional person, so please ignore what you need to if you're a less detailed prompts person.

Thrilling Adventure Hour (spoilers for final episodes of Sparks Nevada and Colonel Tick-Tock)
Sparks Nevada

First off, it is 100% up to you how to handle Ginny's last-second reveal, including ignoring it. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the dynamic set up at the end of the show - Croach acknowledging his feelings - that he has feelings, in general, and that he has feelings about Sparks, in particular - Red settling into the Marshal job and inviting Sparks into it, Sparks newly and rather hastily married (to the person he's been dating for six months? A Jupiter spy? ... a Jupiter spy he's been dating for six months?).

Honestly, though, I love these characters and I love this world and I dearly miss getting more of it once a month so I am not overly picky. My one thing is that I am not really into Sparks/Croach or Red/Sparks (exception to the latter being the points in canon where they were actually together). I have really really strong Red/Croach feelings and i am 10000% fine with gen, or fic set at points in canon when Red and Croach weren't together, but my dumb strong feelings get in the way of me enjoying post-finale (post-Dinner and a Groovy, really) fic about them not being together.

Red/Sparks/Croach? YES, yes please. Red/Sparks/Croach/Ginny? I had not really considered it but I am OPEN to the idea, yes. Gen where it doesn't really matter who's together because they are distracted by ADVENTURE? Yes absolutely.

Beyond Belief

I really enjoy added depth to the universe in Beyond Belief fic. I will not say no to an episode-style adventure, by any means! But my favorite stories tend to flesh out the relationships and the universe. I particularly love the F/S-D/D dynamic, because it is not unusual for Sadie to have friends, but it is unusual for Frank to enjoy their company as much as she does! I would love some history - Sadie and Donna in college, the first time Sadie introduced her best friend to her new beau, the first time Sadie met Dave, etc. - or some future! Sadie and Frank patiently waiting for a solution to the no-liquor problem before they let Donna turn them into vampires so she doesn't have to lose her best buds, Uncle Frank and Aunt Sadie dealing with Dave & Donna's apocalypse kiddos, etc.

I have many fewer Carlysle Ravencastle & Desmond Cross feelings, but can we just agree that they're ex-boyfriends? No? Can we agree that 1000 words of them doing dumb vampire bickering would be TREASURE? Yes? Yay!

Philip Fathom/Captain Laserbeam

I am going to tell you my two very dumb specific ideas for these nerds, with full understanding that that is not really in the spirit of Yuletide and you are in no way bound to either idea. I think this is the easiest way to get my feelings across? Please don't feel pressured into these two things!!!

1. Joshua Valor wants to see what it's like to be a superhero's damsel, so he starts dating Philip Fathom! He is CONVINCED, absolutely, that Philip has NO IDEA he's Captain Laserbeam, but obviously Philip DOES, because it is the most poorly-maintained secret identity in the history of secret identities. But Philip humors him, because...reasons? and every time he has to go save Joshua Valor from something he KNOWS Captain Laserbeam could have gotten out of, he makes grumpy fishfaces and it is all very silly.

2. Someone (the Sea Devil??) has STOLEN Philip and Laserbeam's genetic materials to make a BABY who will grow up to have Fathom's detectiving skills and Laserbeam's laserbeams and stuff, only the duo defeat the villain before he can use the Accelerated Aging Ray he obviously has, and now they're stuck with a BABY. Their baby!

So, in summation, what is the dumbest most nonsensical superhero trope you can think of?????? Run with it!!! They do not need to be dating, gen is also cool, I swear.

Colonel Tick-Tock

Here are the things I love about Colonel Tick-Tock:

1. Dumb jokes about historical figures (pick your favorite!!!)
2. Dumb meta jokes about Doctor Who
3. Dumb jokes about how he is (and everyone in history are) a repressed homosexual
4. The Algonquin Four
5. Mark Gagliardi

Oh also also post-show fic about Patrick being his compatriot!

Brooklyn 99

This is the best marriage on tv please just write me anything about them, I will love it. Dating adventures? Building a happy life together around the unhappiness of Ray's job? Their undoubtedly vigorous and fulfilling sex life? Holt at home during this current season (which is SUPER LACKING in Kevin btw) and the hardships it entails? Anything. Please.

Drunk History
Derek Waters

I have A Number Of Feelings about Derek Waters and how Drunk History is secretly just a show about low-key hurt/comfort and what a good caretaker he is. And not just good in the sense of providing water and food and walks and buckets to throw up in, but good like he drinks with them so they don't feel awkward, and will do all sorts of dumb stuff just to see where it goes or to make his drunkbuds happy. He is the embodiment of yes, and (the improv metaphor) and/or good giving game (the boners metaphor!) and I just ADORE that, and him.

So caretaking! Stuff about Derek and his feelings about caretaking, if he thinks of himself as a caretaker, if he has Feelings about how his life has gone in a direction where he professionally has to cuddle his buddies sometimes, etc. Episode tags about specific interactions? Off-show relationship with some of the regulars? IDK.

(My very favorite historian is Mark Gagliardi. I say this with the full and complete understanding that he was not nominated and you are under no obligation to write him! Just a little extra detail about my dumb feelings in case it helps. If it the opposite of helps then this paragraph does not actually exist! You have imagined it! That was strange of you to do!)

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