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I got distracted writing other fic and am just now getting around to it, so if you want to prompt something in the timestamp meme now's your last chance!

Also I've been bad about remembering to mention stuff here when I post it at AO3 /o\. Stuff I've written lately:

In The Absence of Rules (Nicole/Spencer)
Nicole the wedding planner enjoys fighting with Spencer, the best man handling all the details of his friend's wedding, almost as much as she enjoys fucking him.

Things I Don't Know (Nicole/Spencer)
Nicole knows she doesn't want to get married yet; Spencer knows he doesn't have a thing for wearing women's clothing. And yet here they are, engagement rings on their fingers while Spencer tries on wedding dresses.

Also, [personal profile] lalejandra posted twitfic we wrote about Brendon slapping Spencer and Ian a lot: untitled brendon/spencer/ian nnngghh twitfic.
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Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll tell you what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

Fic (not!fic, commentfic, etc. are all also fair game: chatfic, commentfic, fic memes)
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So [personal profile] verbosewordsmith and I chatfic a lot. This is one of my favorite 'verses, the one where Panic/Zack/assorted bandom folks/Nicole Anderson/Mika (it's our ridiculous chat 'verse and we'll cross over what we want to, shut up) teach at an awesone artsy alternative elementary/middle school.

I don't capitalize or punctuate properly when I chatfic, which is way more jarring next to [personal profile] verbosewordsmith's actual proper typing skills /o\.

i want all the panic fic set in an elementary/middle school. brendon teaches music and jon teaches art and spencer teaches 8th grade and idk what ryan does. )
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Set in this universe, where Brendon & Nicole are Spencer's stay-at-home-hotasses (that's all you need to know about the universe to enjoy the porn. Possibly more than you need to know). The world needs more Brendon-going-down-on-girls fic, yes? For reference, this is Nicole (big, vaguely NSFW picture).

No warnings. 1100 words.

Nicole tends to think of underwear as something you wear when you want to look hot and/or feel pretty for sex, so she rarely wears it otherwise. )
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So this picture prompted a comment about Spencer going off to the office to keep Brendon in the lifestyle to which he'd become accustomed, and between that, a conversation about Spencer being into super high-end menswear, and my insatiable desire to stick Nicole Anderson into any conceivable universe, this not!fic about Spencer being incredibly wealthy and Brendon & Nicole being his hot trophy significant others was born.

No warnings, although the more pedantic among you might like to know that when I not!fic my grammar level is more "casual LJ commenter" than "writer".

Spencer is a higher-up at, idk, Place Rich People Work, Inc., and he met Brendon when he went to get a haircut on Ryan’s recommendation (Ryan makes stupid hair decisions, but even the stupidest ones are cut well, and Spencer’s hated all the expensive stylists his bosses have recommended). )

[ profile] quintenttsy has podficced (not!podficced? pod!notficced? podficnot!ficced?) this! Go check it out and tell her how awesome she is!


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