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i am jsut posting to give bohemeyourself a place to commentfic for meeeee je ne regrette rien
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I'm so glad you found this fic a home :D

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So you said: @15dozentimes i require someone to cuddle me & play with my hair and also cheddar bunnies

And since I cannot reach through my ethernet cable to give you those things, I gave them to Ian and Shane and Nicole. Sort of.

Untitled, Ian/Shane/Nicole

“These are seriously the best.” Ian says. “No really, way better than cheez-its”

“Or fucking goldfish. I always wind up getting that shit stuck to my teeth.” Shane says, gesturing with another cheddar bunnie.

“Perfect snack consistency.” Ian agrees. Ever since Nic moved in they’ve all been eating healthier, since she stocks Ian’s (admittedly pretty bare) kitchen with organic this and free-range that. It’s fucking awesome.

Shane nods in agreement and picks the game controller back up. "Double or nothing?"

"You're on."

They play until they run out of snacks, old school Zelda and fucking Pong from the little retro game thing Ian had picked up from target on a whim. It's a do-nothing sort of day, which usually drives Shane up the wall, but today it was sort of necessary. Ian likes the way he's just melted back into the couch cushions, shirt rucked up to show his belly button and the dark trail of hair that disappears into his sweats.

They've all been kind of running themselves ragged, and when Nicole gets back Ian has designs on sticking her to the couch too.

"We should clean up," Ian says, mournfully looking around at the discarded food wrappers, beer bottles, and video game cases.

"Probably" Shane agrees. "I don't want to get up." He pouts. Ian snorts and knocks his knees in solidarity.

Ian's seriously considering moving when he hears the rumble of the garage door. "Dammit,"
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Re: I'm so glad you found this fic a home :D

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Part the next.

Nicole's got groceries in one hand and what looks suspiciously like a Victoria's Secret bag in the other. She laughs when she sees them sprawled across the couch. "I see you've stuck to your plans to do 'absolutely fucking nothing'"

"You bet your ass we did." Shane says, twisting around to look up at her as she passes by the back of the couch. "Would have been better with you here."

"Believe me, I wish I had been here." Nicole's voice carries from the kitchen. Ian can hear her banging around in cabinets and such, and peels himself off the sofa to investigate.

"Hey," He says, wrapping his arms around her and pressing a kiss into her hair. "How was class?"

"Ugh," Nicole says, shutting the refrigerator door and leaning back into him. "It was... class." She sighs.

"Mmm," Ian tries to sound sympathetic, but he's kind of out of his element on the whole college thing. "So what's in the bag from Victoria's Secret?"

"Just panties, actually. Sorry to disappoint."

"Sexy panties?" Ian loves all of Nicole's underwear, whether they're explicitly meant to be sexy or not.

"Just, panties." She says. "Since you washed them with your fucking jeans last time."

Ian bites his tongue to keep from laughing at the memory of her yelling at him in the laundry room. "Sorry,"

"No you're not," Nicole says.

"Okay, no I'm not, since you're totally going to model all the new ones for us later."

Nicole makes a non-comittal sort of noise and wiggles out of his arms, leaves the kitchen to collapse onto the sofa next to Shane.

"Hello, beautiful," Shane says, bending to kiss her softly.

[Pee/refill break. Be back shortly.]
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Re: I'm so glad you found this fic a home :D

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Okay, have graduated to Sprite + Cherry Vodka. IDK how this will end.

"Leave some for me," Ian whines.

"Get over here, then." Nicole says, moving around so she's stretched along the length of the couch with her head in Shane's lap. Ian goes.

He manages to fit himself into the space between Nic and the back of the couch. Fuck, he loves having a tiny girlfriend. He presses his nose into her neck, smelling the remnants of her perfume and bodywash and just a hint of sweat, probably from where she didn't remove her coat while she was in the grocery store. Ian's kind of ready for summer to be here so she can put more of her soft, soft skin on display.

Nicole's hands slide under his back, fingers pushing into the dip of his spine, at the same time Shane slides his hand into Ian's hair.

Shane picks a something from Netflix, and Ian lets himself drift, the combined power of his partners' hands lulling him into a half-dream sort of state.

This right here, is the good life.
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Re: I'm so glad you found this fic a home :D

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:DDDDDDD this makes me very happy.
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Re: I'm so glad you found this fic a home :D

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:D They need all the cuddles, always.