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[personal profile] verbosewordsmith did a meme thing where someone gave her 7 topics & she talked about them & then she gave ME 7 topics and I have now talked about them! Comment if you want topics but they will probably be dumb \o/

your Thor thoughts (especially why Thor's your favorite)

Oh goodness, I have never actually tried to make my initial OMG BEST EVER and subsequent OMG BEST EVER reactions coherent? My Thor thing is pure unadulterated
delight from somewhere in my core and I'm not sure it CAN be made coherent.

BUT OKAY. So my favorite kind of character is the Raging Douchebag (this is why I like Mad Men so much) and my favorite kind of actual dude is the Golden Retriever Turned Human. Thor is BOTH OF THOSE THINGS, all winky at his coronation and yelling at his dad like a dick and flipping tables and then getting all SMILEY and EARNEST and I MEANT NO DISRPESPECT. He is the best of both the best worlds!!!!

As a movie, Thor is pretty heavily flawed; none of the development feels earned and I think they should have decided on one story to tell and told it instead of splitting between Asgard Family Drama Time and Midgard Mancandy/Romance Time. It wasn't one movie, it was two halves of two movies that each might have been really good.

But I love the characters SO MUCH, unearned development or not. Odin is such a cock but he's all CHARMINGLY GRIZZLED about it and Loki is SUCH A COCK but he's all wibbly Daddy Issues about it and Thor is such a cock but he's all I MEANT NO DISRESPECT (guess what my favorite part is) about it and Jane is MAGICAL and Darcy is MAGICAL and also kind of a cock and Sif is PERFECT and the Warriors Three are such FRATBOY COCKS and it is a movie full of COCKS who are also GREAT.

Ugh I don't even KNOW. It is a good movie to turn on and shut my brain off and feel good about the world to because I LOVE THOR SO MUCH HE IS THE BEST THE END.

favorite thing you've studied

History of Graphic Design! I took two design history classes and they were essentially the same but they were both GREAT and I was *_____* both times because ART HISTORYYYYYY. DADAISM. BAUHAUS. PRETTY THINGS.

five bands you think everyone should listen to

Oh God, I don't know. While I am making rules about listening habits, can I include a clause about how people have to like it? Because I want everyone to love Nicki Minaj as much as I do but I totally wouldn't force her on people. Ummmm I don't know. I also think more people should listen to Bon Jovi from the 90s, Cash Cash's first album, Foxy Shazam, and Nickel Creek.

your style icons

The way I dress is so different from the way I want to dress, wow. Um sometimes I really just want to dress like Betty Draper?

Because I am the femmiest boy in the universe (also Rachel Berry inspires the same want in me a lot of the time).

Also Amy Pond.

Who I probably dress more like than anyone else on the list.

Dudewise, Mike Chang

With his cardigans and hoodies and stripes and plaids and basic shit you can get at Old Navy (which means realistically I dress the most like him right now) and his always looking so comfy (and cuddly) (let me cuddle you, bro).

And Spencer!

Spencer is my "hoodies and t-shirts and jeans and sometimes buttoning up and looking like a goddamn BAMF" inspiration and ALSO my "it is okay to wear shirts that cling to your tummy a little" inspiration.

anything about your pets

My cat is the dumbest cat and also the weirdest! She spends a significant amount of her life going boneless, is scared of both loud and quiet noises (once she went sprinting away from a blanket that slid off the couch a bit) but makes noise CONSTANTLY, gets lost down a straight hallway, gets disoriented, is deeply offended by closed doors, and you can tell when she gets confused because she'll start giving herself a bath to pretend she isn't actually confused.

She takes a lot of baths.

preferred genres either in books you'd buy at a bookstore or fic

For books I like YA, anything from dystopian fantasy to standard high school experience stories. I like quick reads because I do most of my reading while tanning in the summer and the quicker the read the less chance I get lost in it long enough to burn to a crisp. I like books of short stories for the same reason, and my taste varies widely when it comes to those. Also YA tends to get neat-little-package endings, even if they're not happily-ever-afters, and I prefer those.

I am way less picky about fic. My faaaaaavorite is fluffy domesticity garbage, and I ESPECIALLY like fic that really honestly looks at the way the fucked-up people I tend to prefer reading about approach fluffy domesticity.

where/when you'd visit if you had a time machine

Realistically, present San Francisco and I would stay as long as I wanted without having to request time off from work or scrounge up money for plane tickets! I guess that assumes it's a space machine as well, though. Maybe I would skip to a bunch of paydays, collect all the money at once, and then buy plane tickets to SF, then skip ahead to when I was already there?

Otherwise IDK. Maybe the point in the future when the penises they can make for trans dudes are indistinguishable from "real" penises (and then come back to the present and pee on things?)
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I love the way they dress Amy Pond on DW, it's very consistent to her character and she wears some lovely things. I wish I had the legs to dress like her!

Spencer's style is the most secret-BAMFiest. Like you don't know he's a BAMF and then BAM, he is. &him;

I love San Francisco! My family and I lived near there for a while, so I spent a lot of time there with them. We were there a few years ago when they legalised gay marriage in California (the first time around? I've actually forgotten exactly when it was now) and it was a fantastic time to be there, the city was really beautiful.

Give me some topics? Anything will do! :D
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I like your thoughts on Thor. :D:D

And your cat sounds amazing.