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The Great Nail Polish Unload of 2014

So for a few years, my main hobby was nail polish, but in the past year or so I've picked up entirely too many hobbies I like better and need use of my hands. Yarn fits my need to own tangible versions of pretty colors at least as well as nail polish ever did, and the amount of time it takes to polish my nails is time I could be spending knitting or sewing or soapmaking or whatever.

So I'm cleaning house, and I would like some of my pretties to go to good homes!

Unopened, unused ($3, unless otherwise noted):


Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens ($2)
  • Blue - Dark True Blue

  • Hot Pink - Barbie Pink

Opened, used <5 times ($2):
  • Coco - Dark Oxblood Creme

  • Marion - Teal-ish Blue Shimmer

  • Kaylen - Neon Orange Creme

  • Oscar - Chunky Gold Glitter

  • Sarah - Coral Pink with Confetti Glitter

  • Annie - True Blue Creme

  • Tracy - Navy/Silver Matte Glitter

  • Julianne - Cool Grey Creme

  • Ingrid - Burnt Orange Creme

  • Popova - Kelly Green Creme

  • Nadia - Yellow/Gold Frost

  • Teresa - Peachy Pink Frost

  • Alma - Mustard Creme

  • Lena - Teal with Subtle Gold Shimmer

  • Daria - Dark Grey Creme

  • Clara - Peach Creme

  • Fiona - Lime Green Creme


China Glaze
  • Hook and Line - Grey Frost

  • Champagne Bubbles - Champagne Gold with Silver Glitter

  • Luxe and Lush - Chunky Iridescent Glitter

  • Not From Concentrate - Orange Shimmer

  • Army of 1 - Olive Green Creme

  • Indigo-Go Girl - Indigo Glitter

  • Concrete Evidence - Light Grey Creme

  • Sinful Colors Mint Apple - Cool, Dark Mint Creme

  • Wet'n'Wild Megalast Disturbia - Dark Purple Creme

  • Revlon Colorstay Stormy Night - Dusty Purple-Brown Creme

Opened, used >5 times ($0.50):

Color Zone
  • Purple - Neon Purple Matte

  • Pink - Neon Pink Matte

  • China Glaze Tree Hugger - Lime Green Shimmer

  • Wet'n'Wild Party of Five Glitters - Rainbow Confetti Glitter

  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White - White Creme

  • Essie Bangle Jangle - Dusty Lilac Creme

  • Nicole by OPI Step 2 The Beat Of My ♥ - Pink Heart-Shaped Glitter

  • OPI Super Bass Shatter - Purple Crackle

  • Zoya Sweet - Bubblegum Pink Creme

  • Hare Polish Bisbee - Turquoise Jelly with Greenish-Gold Hex Glitter

  • Finger Paints Hue Rang? - Dusty Purple Creme with Subtle Shimmer

I wanted to stick to links from official websites, but it's pretty easy to find swatches & reviews of anything without a link. Or I'm happy to answer any questions. The prices are pretty nebulous, too; make me an offer, and if you are or will be in the bay area in the near future and will let me hand them over in person I'll straight up knock a dollar off the price of each polish.

The opened & used more than 5 times polishes range from roughly half full to mostly full, fyi.
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[personal profile] ranyart 2014-05-31 05:28 am (UTC)(link)
Nail polish, my ultimate weakness! I would love to buy Missy, Tracy, Popova, Merino Cool, and the Hare Polish Bisbee. I can just bring $ by the store some time when you're in!
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[personal profile] ranyart 2014-05-31 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
I should be able to swing by Sunday!