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I don't feel one way or another about not finishing this one, but I kind of wish someone else had written something with the same idea. Set in the universe of TAI's Classifieds video; Kevin orders himself a friend when he's drunk and lonely at four in the morning.

The ownership of a person is probably something that needs a warning, huh.

The house is dark and quiet when Kevin finally unlocks the door and lets himself in; of course it is. )
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I wasn't ever going to finish this one because I had no story for it; I just wanted to read Kevin being a Guy in women's clothes and not having any gender identity weirdness about it, but I had no interest in writing about what it would have taken to get Kevin as I see him to that point.

No warnings.

It's Joe who figures it out first, because Joe's a lot more perceptive than he looks, because Joe doesn't do that thing Nick does, their parents do, where he tells himself he's not seeing something if he doesn't want to see it. )
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This is another one I'm kind of sad I never finished. The one thing JoBros fandom really needed was way more hookerfic. There's a random POV switch at the end because I had realized how OOC my Kevin was getting and thought it might work better from Joe's POV.

Offscreen violence. Incest.

'Fucker,' Joe grumbles, drops down into the empty chair like he weighs twice as much as he actually does, tosses his shirt on the table so it gets in the way of Kevin's budgeting.  )
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Love triangle in spaaaaaaace. Kevin runs a bed & breakfast (in space!) frequented by a band of fearsome space pirates (the most fearsome of whom is sleeping with Kevin) as well as a dashing space hero (who is sleeping with Kevin). I'm actually really bummed I never got very far in this one; there was going to be adventuring (in space!) and romance (in space!) and difficult decisions (in space!) and probably polyamory (in space!).

No warnings.

Kevin isn't exactly the most perceptive person ever, not when it comes to flirting, especially not when it comes to the galaxy's biggest heartthrob flirting with him, so it takes a lot longer than he might like to admit to put two and two together. )
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IDK, I have a crossover addiction, and before I wandered into bandom I was sticking Kevin in the fandoms I flirted with between my old fandom and Disney RPF. The timeline here is super jumpy because I always intended to go back and fill in more detail; basically, Kevin & Ianto meet, fall in love, move in together, there is Gwen-and-Rhys-esque drama about Ianto not telling Kevin what his job is, Ianto eventually tells Kevin, there is mpreg using alien technology, and sometime after that Ianto dies of Torchwood.

Porn, light bondage, sex pollen, pre-mpreg.

It wasn't that Kevin had a problem with their fans' enthusiasm, it was just that he'd always been a far more sedate person than either of his brothers, and had a much harder time adapting to the chaos. )


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