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If you've been around me more than thirty seconds, you've probably seen me mention a Nicole, and wondered who the eff that is. Possibly you asked who the eff that is, and then still not understood why I talk about her because it's hard to capture her appeal in 140 characters or a journal comment, and even harder to explain why usually when I mention her it's in the context of a seemingly nonsensical pairing (or pairings!). So here is the decidedly not-tweet-friendly version of who the eff she is and why the eff I care.

Stuff I Love I Want You To Love, Too: Nicole Anderson

The Tweet Version: she's a bb Disney girl who was on the JoBros' tv show, is super adorable, & has few connections to bandom but I ship her with everyone anyay

The Long Version:

The Basics )

Video Goodies )

In conclusion, Nicole is the cutest girl ever and everyone should love her, the end.

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It occurred to me recently that telling people awesome things about the slightly obscure-r people & bands I am into is probably a better way of making them less obscure than just babbling about them ad nauseum about them as if the people I talk to already know what there is to know. And so here begins a very short series of posts that are a little primer-y and a lot pimp-y.

Stuff I Love I Want You To Love, Too: Empires

Before We Begin:
I am not much of an authority on Empires; I'm a recent convert and am still fuzzy on a lot of the history. I'm aiming more to get you interested in these handsome hobos and their music than to give you a detailed look - basically I want you to be able to listen to the music and read what fic there is and also hopefully want to learn more. (When LJ works for me again I will add links to a more detailed, if out-of-date, primer here).

(Sean, Ryan, Tom, Max)

The Band )

The Dudes )

The Music/Media )

The Fic )


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